How do hydrophones connect to the TR-ORCA? What hydrophones are supported? How does calibration work?

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 13:50 -- jfraser

Hydrophones connect to the TR-ORCA through five standard 8 pin micro-circular series wet mate female connectors. Users can choose to populate all five hydrophone channels or use just one. We supply hydrophones that can easily integrate with the TR-ORCA, and can be directly connected to the end cap with a locking sleeve. Additionally, they can be cabled on up to 100m of underwater cable, giving the user maximum flexibility in their deployments. Though we do recommend hydrophones supplied by Turbulent Research, it is possible to interface to other hydrophones as well. The TR-ORCA provides a nominal output voltage that can be used to power external, pre-amplified hydrophones, which is a common use case. By default hydrophone inputs are single ended, but if you wish to use balanced or differential inputs, we can accommodate you. Please contact us for technical information.

Hydrophones supplied by Turbulent Research are calibrated at the factory in water and in air at low frequencies. We provide calibration data in a readable excel format, and also in a file that can be loaded directly into your TR-ORCA. All TR-ORCA units supplied with hydrophones that store the calibration data internally to the device from the factory. If you wish to recalibrate, or use custom hydrophones you can easily enter in calibration data using our TRAC application.

Hydrophone Calibration