How much memory does the TR-ORCA have? How long does it last on batteries?

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 17:18 -- jfraser

The standard package comes with 500 GB of SSD memory, and 256 GB of SD Card memory. These memories are used in different circumstances and offer differing levels of performance and power consumption. More than 4 TB of total memory can be supplied with the TR-ORCA on request.

The base TR-ORCA package is designed for relatively short deployments, where broadband and exceptional data quality are required. TR-ORCA also shines in any real time scenario, where data can be recorded directly to the user’s computer using our TRAC application. Adding an external, or internal extended battery pack can prolong any deployment a great deal. The TR-ORCA accepts many types of external power sources. Processing schemes and scheduling schemes can be setup in TRAC to increase the deployment length as well. The table below represents some worst case continuous recording scenarios.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring: battery life and memory