Single Channel Underwater Acoustic Monitoring
Compact & intelligent underwater acoustics in a low power and low cost package


The standard PORPOISE acoustic recording system is built from composite glass fibre and engineered plastic rated to 500m depth. This version of PORPOISE includes an integrated hydrophone and low noise programmable gain pre-amplifier for excellent 24 bit acoustic data quality over a huge dynamic range. Each unit includes 128 GB of internal recording memory, and is user expandable with SD cards to 4 TB. In addition to world class performance, PORPOISE comes at an affordable price for any research project.



PORPOISE-EXT includes the same electronics and features as the standard version, but includes an option for an external hydrophone. This unit is housed in a pressure vessel that is depth rated in excess of 2000m. PORPOISE-EXT allows users to use one of many hydrophones on the market that might suit a particular application. By decoupling the hydrophone element from the pressure vessel, users can choose the right sensor for a broader range of depth or export constraints.



  • Internal Power: 12 x AAA Cells (user replaceable)
  • External Power: 6.5V - 26V DC, External Packs Available
  • Analogue Bandwidth > 150 kHz
  • ADC: 24 Bits Sigma Delta
  • Dynamic Range: 110 dB (full bandwidth)
  • Configurable Gain: 0 dB- 40 dB
  • Maximum Sensitivity: -165 dB Re 1 V/µPa to 205 dB Re re 1 V/µPa With Gain Control
  • Sampling Rates Supported: 2khz, 6khz, 8khz, 16khz, 24khz, 32khz, 48khz, 64khz, 96khz,128khz, 192khz, 256khz, 384khz
  • Programmable High Pass Filter: Software Controlled
  • Up to 4 TB, Internal Removable SD Card Storage
  • Configurable recording, schedule and duty cycling
  • PORPOISE: 70mm x 233mm, 2.5lbs
  • PORPOISE-EXT: 70mm x 233mm, 4.8lbs
  • Real Time Ethernet Streaming - spectrograms, live audio, configuration and data download
  • PORPOISE: 500m standard (deeper on request)
  • PORPOISE-EXT: 2000m pressure vessel, pressure relief valve included.
  • NOTE: External Hydrophone version limited to 900m depth. External hydrophone connection via 8 pin female subconnector.
External Integration
  • GPS Input for PPS Time Synchronization
  • Real Time Buoy