Flexible OEM Sensor Processing
Low power, high capability data acquisition & processing

TR-Blue is a low power and highly capable OEM data acquisition and signal processing system, specifically designed for long term and autonomous deployments. TR-Blue is modular, it consists of an extremely flexible processing engine with a field programmable gate array (FPGA) and a tightly integrated ARM Cortex M4 processor for signal processing with expansion connectors capable of interfacing to almost any analog sensing system.

Turbulent Research provides analog signal conditioning and digitization expansion boards that mate directly with TR-Blue for applications in underwater acoustics.

TR-Blue has been optimized for low power consumption while still giving users access to serious processing horsepower and the flexibility to interface to just about any sensing system. Traditionally, researchers and scientists have had to use off the shelf single board computers or development kits to develop their new and innovative instruments, sacrificing optimized power consumption and system flexibility. TR-Blue is a platform designed to meet the real needs of these users without compromise.

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Product Applications

TR-BLUE Applications

  • Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing
  • Sonar
  • Custom Data Acquisition
  • Long Term Deployments
  • Low Power Instruments Requiring Real Time Analytics
  • Multi-Sensor Ocean Observation



Supports Seamless Power Multiplexing for Internal/External Power (10-25 V) 


USB Power: 5 V DC 


Average Power Consumption : 100 mW – 1.0 W depending on use 


Less than 1 mW in Sleep Mode 


ARM Cortex M4 (180 MHz CPU, Floating Point Support) 


Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA 

 Integrated Peripherals

10/100 Ethernet (PTP supported) 


RS422 (Or 232) ,3x Expansion UARTS 


Host High Speed USB 


Device Full Speed USB 




Real Time Clock 


3 Axis Accelerometer 


3 Axis Compass 


Temperature Sensor 


1 MByte Flash 


256 kByte internal SRAM, 1 Mbyte External SRAM 


1 Mbit serial EEPROM 


On Board External Micro SD card slot 


FPGA And ARM processor pins brought out to two high speed expansion connectors supporting: SPI, I2C, SDIO, GPIO, UART, TIMERS and any custom IO through the FPGA 

Expansion Boards Available For:

Multichannel analog to digital conversion (16,24 bits) 


Broadband Signal Generation 


Interfaces to other digital instruments (RS232 or Ethernet) 


Custom Input/Output 




Real Time Communications over RF, cellular or Iridium