Underwater Acoustic Data Acquisition Product Family
Rich, broadband, underwater acoustic recording and signal processing.

Now you can capture, record and process, in real time, extremely rich underwater acoustic data sets. The TR-ORCA is available in full size and mini versions, both supporting five synchronously sampled hydrophone inputs, configurable sampling rates and internal solid state storage. The TR-ORCA is easy to use, deploy and configure, and is flexible enough for almost any underwater acoustic measurement scenario. Applications include underwater noise characterization, marine mammal studies, underwater detection and localizations.

Your data can be recorded & processed autonomously or streamed in real time via Ethernet, or wirelessly with our TR-FLOAT unit.

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  • Turbulent Research Passive Acoustic Monitoring TR-ORCA family

Product Applications


  • Acoustics Detection, Localization and Classification
  • Marine Mammal Studies and Real Time Monitoring
  • Multi Sensor Ocean Observation
  • Ambient Noise Monitoring
  • Wind and Tidal Renewable Energy Monitoring


  • Internal Power: 72 Alkaline D Cells (user replaceable)
  • External Power: 10-18 V DC USB Power: 5 V DC Average Power
  • Consumption: 900 mW – 3W (depending on use)
Analog Input Channels
  • Number of Channels: 5 – Standard (more available on request)
  • ADC Number of Bits: 16 – Standard (24 bit version available on request)
  • Dynamic Range Per Channel: 90 dB (full bandwidth, better at lower sampling rates)
  • Sampling Rates Supported: 24 KHz, 48 KHz, 96 KHz, 192 KHz, 384 KHz
Hydrophone Options
  • Can be used with multiple hydrophone vendors
  • Hydrophones mounted on end cap, or connectorized with custom cable lengths
  • Customized sensitivities and bandwidths available on request
  • Integrated 128 GB SD Card and 1 TB solid State Drive for Standard version Expandable to 6TB
  • (Fat32 Formatted File System .wav) (customized options available) Configurable recording, schedule and duty cycling
  • Ethernet
  • High Speed USB for Download
  • 750m depth standard (deep options available on request)
  • Material: Composite material, engineered plastic titanium
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +-50°C