What is the TR-ORCA? What is included if I purchase a unit?

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 12:54 -- jfraser

The TR-ORCA is a broadband underwater acoustic recorder and signal processor that supports up to five hydrophone channels and extremely high sampling rates, so users can capture the entire underwater soundscape digitally, with exceptional quality. This device can be used as an autonomous acoustic recorder to record raw or processed underwater sound data. It can also act as a real time multichannel digital hydrophone, streaming acoustic data to the user in raw format and as real time spectrograms and third octave plots. The TR-ORCA does internal processing and can log or stream this data to the user, so the user can save countless hours of post-analysis effort.

The TR-ORCA comes in a number of packages. The base package is small and light, so it can easily be deployed by a single person from a vessel or diver. This device comes with an internal rechargeable battery to last for 24 hours at worst case conditions (maximum sampling rates, and disk usage, continuous), 500 GB of high speed memory is included, as well an additional 256 GB of low power memory, which can be used at low sample rates. It also comes in packages with large internal battery packs. All versions of our TR-ORCA have an external power input, so many types of external power sources can be integrated with the product.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring: TRAC softwareThe purchase of our base TR-ORCA package includes everything to get you capturing, recording and streaming live, high quality underwater acoustic data. The base package includes:

  • TR-ORCA multichannel broadband underwater acoustic recorder and signal processor
  • One low noise 150 kHz bandwidth hydrophone element (additional available for purchase)
  • 500 GB Internal SSD memory, 256 GB of SD card memory
  • High Speed USB Download Cable
  • 20m of Ethernet cable suitable for short term subsea use
  • Real time configuration and streaming data software TRAC, free with purchase
  • Carrying case